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Around the World in 800 days!

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Around the World in 800 days!

*Update 8/14/19
I am flew into Fairbanks, AK on July 30th. Today as I write this I am 100 miles east of Whitehorse heading to Watson Lake, then heading down Stewart-Cassiar Hwy 37. I am working my way to the start of the Sierra Cascades route to Yosemite. Then east to the Grand Canyon, meander towards and through Texas and then through eastern Mexico, which is the only part of Mexico I have not seen. Then???

*Original post
I am 58, male, have been touring since my early 20’s. I typically do 3 tours per year (~4 weeks long). I am getting ready to tour the world for 2-3 years. My route is not set in stone nor will it ever be, I have learned (OK, learning ;-) to be spontaneous and allow the terrain and scenery to set my speed and direction. The basic plan is to meander south through the Americas, then north through Africa, then Europe, etc. I enjoy camping most nights. I am looking for a companion(s) to join me. I plan to start in late August 2019, after my daughters leave for college.

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Go Go Go

Hello Mr. Wyrick

Your plan sounds awesome although i suspect it has a zero too much :-)

If i can help when you ride Central-East Mexico; pop me a message.

Happy Cycling.

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Lake of Constance


when you want to visit one of the best places in germany, than you are welcome in Constance at our wonderfull lake, near the mountains of switzerland! You are welcome to contact me, when you need here a place to rest a day or more;) This summer I will travel for one month from Venecia to Igoumenitsa, so when you decide to visit my home for example next year , I am open for joining your trip for a period.

Kind regards 


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