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Netherlands-Rügen (Germany)-Netherlands September-October

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Netherlands-Rügen (Germany)-Netherlands September-October

Hi fellow travellers,

From the 18th of September till the 8th of October I intend to make a round from The Netherlands to Rügen in Germany back to The Netherlands. I planned my route, of which is a discription below, but I hope someone wants to join a part of it for one or more days.

  1. Stage 1 is about 95 km: Enschede-Bad Bentheim-Rheine-Osnabrück

  2. Stage 2 is about 65 km: Osnabrück-Drebber

  3. Stage 3 is about 80 km: Drebber-Verden

  4. Stage 4 is about 75 km: Verden-Egestorf

  5. Stage 5 is about 65 km: Egestorf-Camping KNAUS Elbetalaue,

  6. Stage 6 is about 75 km: Camping KNAUS Elbetalaue-Schwerin

  7. Stage 7 is about 85 km: Schwerin-Wismar-Börgerende-Rethwisch(Rostock)

  8. Stage 8 is about 75 km: Börgerende-Rethwisch(Rostock)-Zingst

  9. Stage 9 is about 70 km: Zingst-Stralsund-Ferienhof Wolf(Rügen)

  10. Stage 10 is about ? km on Rügen

  11. Stage 11 is about ? km on Rügen

  12. Stage 12 is about ? km Rügen-Greifswald

  13. Stage 13 is about 65-80 km: Greifswald-Stralsund-Barth-Pruchten


  1. Stage 14 is about 85 km: Pruchten-Ribnitz-Damgarten-Rostock-Bad Doberan-Börgerende-Rethwisch

  2. Stage 15 is about  80 km: Börgerende-Rethwisch-Boltenhagen

  3. Stage 16 is about 50 km: Boltenhagen-Lübeck

  4. Stage 17 is about 70 km: Lübeck-Lauenburg/Elbe, paar heuvels

  5. Stage 18 is about 75 km: Lauenburg/Elbe-Buxtehude (Elbe-route)

  6. Stage 19 is about 80 km: Buxtehude-Bremen

  7. Stage 20 is about 65 km: Bremen-Oldenburg-Bad Zwischenahn, if I am too tired by then, I will take the train, so still uncertain

  8. Stage 21, is about 70 km: Bad Zwischenahn-Leer (Ostfriesland)-Bad Nieuweschans

Companion should ideally be:

  • Any gender
  • Age 20-40
  • Straight or gay (I don't mind)
  • Any relationship status
  • Not difficult with food
  • Moderate-fast driver

Kind Regards,


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