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Jutland or Bornholm for 4 day cycle?

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Jutland or Bornholm for 4 day cycle?

Hi Warm Showers Friends!

I'm hoping to cycle around Bornholm or part of Jutland or Fyn for a short (4 day) solo trip this August

I wondered if any recommendations for which island is best suited to this type of short journey for lone travellers? 

I'm keen to meet people and integrate into the culture as well as see nice sites.

Thanks very much for any tips or advice!

All the best,


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Bornholm is very nice and well suited for a short trip but it is pretty crowded in the summer. Accomodation might be problematic as well - depending on how you plan to travel. I am not sure if you have looked into transportation to Bornholm, this can be a bit costly. There is a ferry from Køge, but many Danish people choose to drive to Ystad in Sweden and take the fast ferry from there.

Fyn will be easier and cheaper. In my opinion the West-Northwest of the island is not so interesting, but you can travel along the South coast through some nice towns and areas, beautiful landscape outside Svendborg. Odense is a pretty and lively small-city.

Jutland (I am guessing area close to Fyn) is relatively hilly around Vejle and the small river Vejle Å. Some very nice places in the area, Jelling and Ravning Enge come to mind. Also Fredericia is worth seeing if you are historically interested. Koldinghus is a well-renovated castle museum.

In general Bornholm has the more dramatic scenery than especially Fyn. But you will most likely only meet other tourists on Bornholm, so for the meeting-local-people part I would probably rather recommend Jutland/Fyn. Still maybe not so easy: Odense is a university city with all that follows; otherwise try and get some WS hosts, this is a good way to get to actually meet the locals.