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Calling all San Franciscans! We just finished the Southern Tier, East to West, detouring to New Orleans and Big Bend National Park... some 3500 miles... hoping to relocate in San Francisco, only to have our bikes stolen 5 days after our arrival.

1: Specialized Tricross, black, rim brakes, Topeak rear rack, duck tape on bottle rib cage, pink Road-ID, severely bend right shifter.

2: Specialized Tricross sport, orange, disk brakes, Topeak rear rack, American flag Browning deer sticker left of headset, Cateye odometer w/ cadence, Topeak pump.

(only the bikes were stolen)

Stolen at 865 Market Street June 29th between 3 and 4pm.

Filled out police report, and the stolen bike twitter forum, checking flea markets and Craigslist and keeping our eyes pealed.
Any other advise welcome.


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Stolen Bikes in SF

What an unfitting end to what sounds like a wonderful journey.

A friend of mine just had a bike stolen here in Seattle. I don't know how a person can guard against bicycle theft. My temptation would be to buy a disposable bike for use in a major metropolitan area like that. But that idea doesn't help much now.

Your story scares me a bit because I'm sometimes way too complacent with my bike. So far, I haven't had any trouble but the loss of the bike (or worse yet, the bike and gear together) would be devastating.

SF and the Bay Area are full of good people.

I hope that somehow, you end up getting your bikes back.

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