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New to forum

I am not used to using this site yet so forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

I'll introduce myself and try to give as much info as possible.

I am a 46 year old female avid bicycle rider....actually in fact, I have never owned a car. I rely on my bicycle as my only form of transportation. I also travel alone most of the time. In fact I recently traveled on a one-speed cruser in the fall of 2012. Anyone who remembers me I had a blue bike with a license plate that read; KITTI. I went from Fredricksburg, VA (where I currently live) to Page, AZ (Lake Powell). In fact, I love the American Southwest and hope to move there soon.

I am an artist who can work in any medium, have interests in science, botany, and the secrets of the universe in general.
My favorite TV show is; Doctor Who. My favorite channels are any that show any nature documentaries, although I'd rather be actually visiting the places I'm interested in than seeing them on a screen.

Been known to camp out in the middle of the desert alone.

P.S....Sorry. I'm not able to host other riders at this time due to not having a home of my own. I'm a drifter and gypsy of a type (housesitting for a friend), although if anyone in the Fredricksburg/ Culpeper area needs help with anything I'm able to help with, feel free to contact me.


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Hello Kitti

Welcome. Also abiding in VA. Just 100 or so miles South, near Farmville. And, yes I do think it went into the wrong forum. So what.

VA to AZ is a big ride, congratulations, more than my current saddle would allow.


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it had better to add this to your profile

Hi there
if you add this to your profile, it can help the hosts or guests for decision making about accepting or choosing you.

have a good ride

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