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Western Mediterranean coast in September 2019

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Western Mediterranean coast in September 2019

I'm planning to cycle from Salses (north of Perpignan) to Guardamar (south of Alicante). That would be 750 km without detours. So I'd say 900 km as a more realistic estimate. 

This should take me 2 weeks if I ride an average of 60 km a day. I could do it faster as well but I like to take pictures, stop every now and then. Having said that, I did an average of 95 km/day in my last solo trip.

My budget is low. My plan is to camp at campsites and use Warmshowers when possible. I would eat supermarket food (picnic) and sometimes meals at inexpensive restaurants.

I'm planning to do it on the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September 2019. I cannot do it earlier but I can do it later.

I haven't planned the route. I don't like to ride following the coast all the time. I like secondary, paved roads with little traffic. 

Both towns (Salses / Guardamar) are near a train station and from there to an airport.




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