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Mosel Metz to Traben-Trabach 27th/28th-31st of July

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Mosel Metz to Traben-Trabach 27th/28th-31st of July

Hey everyone, 

I will ride down the Mosel to get from where I am now to a festival in Traben-Trabach (look it up ;)). I have work there and need to arrive wednesday 31st noon/afternoon. I have just recently started riding longer bike tours and I love my bike but I also found that it can be quite lonesome if you are on your own. I like solitude from time to time but I also enjoy meeting and sharing with people. So if anybody is interested to share the way with me, I am happy to hear from you!  I can also adjust dates and routes a bit. I am one of those cyclist that likes to take their time to enjoy whatever is interesting on the way. So I don´t do a 100km a day. 

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