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getting started...

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getting started...

this is my first time touring, and like many beginners iv done a lot of research and ended up here... and like all beginners i have a couple of questions:

how do you contact potential hosts?
what should you say?
should contact be via messaging or a phone call or text?
is it a good idea to get on contact on the road?

the route of my tour (setting off in a week) is roughly

northwalsham (my house)- lowerstoft
lowerstoft-bury st edmunds
bury st edmunds -cambidge
swindon-cheddar (its near bristol)via bath
truro-lands end
lands end-lizard point
lizard point- truro

iv downloaded a WS app for my phone, so i can find hosts on the road (as long as there is wifi)

thanks in advance, (and if anyone live on/near the route i said iv be more than grateful for your hospitality)

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Getting started

Hi Mike

the best way to contact potential hosts is via this website - then the host knows that you're a bona fide member.

Just introduce yourself briefly (they can refer to your WarmShowers profile, after all) and say you'll be passing near them on whatever date, or range of dates, and might it be possible to stay?

Some may not reply - they're not active members, or they're away themselves. You won't be staying with them. Others will accept or decline you.

I usually make the initial contact via the website before setting of and then, when on the road, contact hosts by text or a phone call to give updates on when, or whether, I'll be coming (I don't have a smartphone).

I think it is a good idea to have some means of mobile contact, since anything could happen to you or your host before you reach them to disrupt your plans. If you don't have mobile contact, your host could be inconvenienced waiting for you if you're late or you've changed your plans.

Imagine you're the host: how would you like your guests to behave? Do that, and you won't go far wrong.

Oh, and it doesn't apply to you on this trip, but there can be language difficulties both ways! Keep your communication simple and clear to avoid misunderstandings.

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thanks, do you normally

thanks, do you normally message them on here? if so how?

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I generally find hosts along

I generally find hosts along the route I'm going to take by looking at the flags on the Google map of hosts' locations - you should see this when you log into the site.

Click on a flag, and a small label pops up with a tiny photo and the member's name and address. Click the green link in the label, and the host's 'About this member' page comes up (here's mine for example:

There you can find out whether they speak your language, whether you can expect a bed or just a place to put up a tent, whether they can fix your bike, how far it is to the nearest bike shop and so on.

On the right hand side of the page is a blue panel containing contact details, address, phone numbers (if the hots has posted them) and at the bottom of the panel is a 'send message' button. Click this and you go to a message composition page within the WarmShowers website.

Write your message and send it. The host will get an email from WarmShowers containing your message. You can only send messages via WarmShowers if you're a signed-up member - and the admins do vet us a little.

I hope this helps. It can't be too hard if I've mastered it!

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