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Traveling Almeria to San Jose

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Traveling Almeria to San Jose

Hello guys, I'm in Andalusia right now and on Thursday 11 July I'll be starting a 2 days bike trip from Almeria to San Jose and back. I'm planning on doing some wild camping and explore Cabo de Gata National Park. Is there anyone interested in joining me or willing to host me in the Almeria area on Friday night when my trip will be over? Even a garden would do it :D.

It would be also helpful to be able to drop some luggage in Almeria somewhere before to leave. Can anybody help me or just have any tips on where it is possible to do some wild camping in Cabo de Gata National Park?

Thank you!

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Hi Nicolo,

Hi Nicolo,

there should be heaps of spots for wild camping... although it will be illegal in the national parks.

I really enjoyed the tours there, especially because the fun starts right at the airport.
Have some inspiration: You can just looks at the pictures or download gps tracks.

I don't know where you can drop off luggage. I can recommend Hostal Costa Rica in San Jose, though.

Have fun!


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