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Scotland( Highlands) August-September

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Scotland( Highlands) August-September

Hi there,

I plan to cycle in Isle of Sky, the 550 miles trail, Cairngorms National Park,etc.

I am easy and can adapt to any ideas. I tend to go camping and to hostels. I have already been bickepacking this beautiful country but wanna go back again. I would love to share parts of my trip with other cyclist. It is always more fun than going solo!


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Hi Angel, how long are you

Hi Angel, how long are you planning to do this trip for? I would be interested in joining the 550 miles trail, apparently there is no support at all in this route right? I mean not hostels or something like that.

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550 miles trail

Hey Hugo!

I am already in Scotland and will be here until the 25th of september. For the 550miles trail I could do it sometime in between 20th of august and 20 of september. 

And yes, there is support on the route. There some campings, hostels... you pass through villages where to buy food or sleep... This is the link where you can find more information:

It would be great to share this ride with you man! if you have any question let me know.

Un saludo


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