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Partner to cycle from Belgium to Kilimanjaro or in between

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Partner to cycle from Belgium to Kilimanjaro or in between

Hi guys, 

I'm planning to cycle from Belgium to Kilimanjaro along the western part of Africa, in Angola I'll traverse to the East towards Tanzania, this to avoid Eastern Congo. I'll start first in August towards the south of Spain, this with a friend in a wheelchair (handbike) which is about 60km a day. From November I'll row the strait of Gibraltar into Morocco. 


My girlfriend will join the part of Morocco (about 100km a day) and from there I'll be crossing Western Sahara and Mauritania alone (this can be more km a day, but I'm flexible). Would be nice to be partnering up with some people. I've been doing lot's of solo riding but it's nice to have some companions once in a while :) Most important is that I don't take any motorised transportation so I avoid having to cross water with no bridges, otherwhise I swim/kayak over. Off course anyone joining can do whatever they want ;)


If there's anyone up to cycle along the route, here's a link to it (not the exact route, just to give an idea)


I'm on a project to climb the highest mountain on every continent and get there human powered. So far I covered +30.000km cycling, +4000km rowing and climbed Elbrus (Europe), Everest (Asia), and Carstensz Pyramid (Oceania). Next is Kilimanjaro, probably arriving there around June 2020. 

Every country, I'll be passing an envrionmental organisation and report about their work.

check my website for more info about the project: 

cheers and let me know if you're interested




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