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Cycling Norway summer 2019

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Cycling Norway summer 2019


My name is Lena. 

Right now I´m planning to get my bike on the train to Kiruna from Stockholm ( even if I know its difficult in Sweden as they don´t let you bring the bike, but I have managed before) and cycle to Narvik, Lofoten and Nordkap.  I would love to have company as I have done too many trips on my own before.

I have an extra tourbike in Stockholm if someone likes to borrow. 

My plan is to leave in the beginning of July but my dates are flexible.

I allways plan in the last minute before taking off.

If you like to join or have any questions feel free to ask!

Cheers Lena




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Hey Lena I will be cycling in norway starting my journey in august . I will probably start cycling up from denmark so i dont know how long it will take me ... To be honest i dont really have a plan i just go with the flow -but we can see if we are there same time and we could cycle some of it together :) Greetings from berlin Sandra

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Still up for it ?

Hi Lena I am about to plan my summer thinking about a month trip on bike. Is your’s still on tracks ? I like a lot Norway. I staid there 6 months 10 years ago but I haven’t done Lofoten and Nordkap. Important : i am available between 27/7 to 25/8. Not at the beginning of July 

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Hi Marc

Hi Marc

at last I decided to leave tomorrow alone. I wanted to put the bike on the train to Abisko north of Sweden but all train are fullbokked till end of July. So now I will start cycling from Stockholm to Sundsvall contnue the pilgrim trail to Östersund take the bike on Inlandsbanan ( the only train that takes bicycles) to Storuman and cycle from there to Bodö in Norway, where I will catch the ferry to Lofoten. I will probably be in Lofoten end of July. As I have to be back in Stckholm 13 of August I will only do Lofoten and take the night train from Narvik to Stockholm ( smuggle the bike on to the train:)

Maybe next ride we can do together!

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