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Toronto to Quebec

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Toronto to Quebec

I am planning on biking in around Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec in late July / early August.  I am thinking about utilizing the train service between cities and primarily bike around the cities to explore them by bike.

I would consider biking between cities along the waterfront trail, but my main trepidation is the heavy traffic and long stretches of road with said traffic.

I enjoy good food and taking great pictures.  I took some pictures of the Milky Way in 2018 and am interested in taking more pictures at a darker / more remote site ~ along the way.  I would expect the trip to be 5 - 10 days.

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Even five years ago I was

Even five years ago I was living in Toronto and I was ALWAYS looking for biking companion but it never worked out. If I were there - I would go with you. I hope you will be successful in your search. 

Back in my days I tried to consult with the MEC shop on college Street but they were not much of a help. Maybe they are better now. 


I hope you blog somewhere :)

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