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Looking for a team mate for the Sun Trip 2020

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Looking for a team mate for the Sun Trip 2020

I am Lawrence from Hong Kong. Have registered the Sun Trip 2020 race and got confirmation from organiser to be official player.

The race will start by end of May 2020 cycling from Lyon France to Canton China with approximate distance of 12,000km.    All players are required using motor assisted bicycle or tricycle to finish the journey.  And solar is the sole power source for the motor.

I have already completed fabrication of trailer to mount the solar panels and waiting for other devices to finish and test the gear.  Looking for a team mate to finish the trip and share the cost.  Enrolment fee is Euro 3,600 for a team of two members, plus expenses on road.  I will bear the cost of trailer, solar panels and other necessary devices for the race.  And team mate will bear his/her own motor assisted bicycle for the race.   Or we can use a two seats bicycle to save cost.

Considering the route is not imposed by organiser and may change due to these and those reasons.  Therefore,  it is preferable to have a team mate from either Hong Kong or Japan because of no visa requirement to enter China and most of the former Soviet Union countries.  Other nations are also welcome but he/she needs to applydifferent visa by his/her own.

The fastest rider in 2018 used 45 days finishing the whole trip and it is requuired to finish the race in maximum 90 days. 

Regardless gender, age above 21, easy going, able to stay over night in a tent, willing to expereince different culture and meet different people is welcome to be the team mate.

For details please contact me by email
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