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Pamir highway in june

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Pamir highway in june

Hello, I will go to travel from Dushambe to Bishkek for one month, I will start on 12th june.

All the tips ar wellcome, thanks.

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Hey Pedro,

Hey Pedro,

Sounds like a great trip! I can advise you on a few things; some from personal experience and some that I'd do if I went through Tajikistan again.

Firstly, get some probiotics from your pharmacy and start using them in advance. This might help you handle any nasty stomach bugs you will come across. I can't tell you how many sick travelers I met in Tajikistan. One couple missed out on the whole country because of a bad watermelon! Be aware of sick people in the hostel in Dushanbe, especially. Only use your own cup, plate and cutlery. Obviously filter all your water, even if the stream looks nice and clear, there's no telling how many goats have been peeing into it further up the mountain.

Secondly, take the road less traveled. You will find the people not as tired of all the tourists that come by. From Khorog, I took the Shokdara valley, which was beautiful and quiet. If I went again I might be tempted to cycle up the Bartang valley, which turns away from the Afghan border just after Rushan. Take any sticks and twigs you find with you as later you can give these to people living above the tree line for firewood.

In the last stretch before the Kyrgyz border, as you go around Karakul lake, the wind will be in your face and it can be fierce, so save some energy for that bit.

Savour the descent into Kyrgyzstan, it is magnificent if the sun is shining!

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Thank so much!!, I will

Thank so much!!, I will follow your tips. I have bought a filter for the water . My plan it's travel by Shokdara Valley, but plans could be change :-).

I'm waiting anxious my trip.... Hehehehe

Thanks again 

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