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End of April 2o19: Cape town to Switzerland

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End of April 2o19: Cape town to Switzerland

Hi everyone,

On 27th April, I ll leave Cape Town and ride on the west coast to Namibia, Bottswana, Victoria Waterfalls in Zimbabwe, and then would like to continue the trip whether riding up to Europe or taking time to visit other countries (Mozambique, Malawi,..) we will be 3 cyclists starting the trip at the very beginning and then we will be 2 to continue to vicfalls. I ll probably be alone after that. 

Without specific plans, our goal is really to take our time, sleep in tent, enjoy the beautiful places and do about 100 km per day and take at least 1 day of rest per week. 

Does anyone would be interested to start a trip from south Africa and ride on the Europe direction? If you have any other plans, don't hesitate to let me know. I am flexible and would be happy to find some other bikers to share the roads in Africa continent. 


Hope to hear from you soon!! 







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