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Europe from 10-05-2019 until Nov/Dec 2019

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Europe from 10-05-2019 until Nov/Dec 2019

Hey guys!

Beginning in May 2019 I want to travel around Europe by bike. I´ve different options:

  • - South-Germany - France - Lissabon/Porto - Gibraltar - Barcelona - (Island-Hopping Sicilia) - Italy - Croatia/Bosnia/Greece
  • - South-Germany - Czech - Poland - Baltic States - Helsinki - South-Sweden - South-Norway - Denmark - Netherlands - Belgium - France - possible Great Britain

I want to travel for the experience, not for km or destinations. It comes how it comes. So if you would like to join or suggest another route and I could join, it would be great. I plan between 50 and 100 km a day, with 1-2 restdays a week, or at special places. Warmshowers, hostels, couchsurfing and camping.

I´m 32 years and open minded. My companion should be able to ride a similiar distance and open for other activities on the biketrip. Eventually I would join a festival somewhere, because I like live music very much!

Write me if your my future bike buddy!


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