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Thailand etc Jan 14th-March 29th 2019

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Thailand etc Jan 14th-March 29th 2019


I'm starting a cycle tour, departing Bangkok Jan 14th and then probably heading 'north-ish' but with no specific destination or plan at the moment.  If you're around the area and would like to ride together let's meet! 

I'm a 36-year-old guy from the UK who is quite fit but not into masochistic distances or speed.  My main 'thing' is that I like/need to travel cheaply but I'm not carrying a tent so will be staying in budget accommodation and eating basic food.  Planning to ride 30-60 miles per day, probably departing fairly early in the mornings to avoid the heat and spend the afternoons reclining, reading and gorging on mangoes.  

I think I'd like to check out Laos and maybe Cambodia and/or Vietnam but I'm open to suggestions.  I've been to the region a few times already but never with my bike, and I'm a bit nervous about dangerous roads/drivers and insane heat/humidity.  If I fail to adapt I might look for somwhere to leave my bike for a few weeks and just join the backpacking hoards.  

I'd like to learn more about meditation so might do a ten-day retreat somewhere, or just visit some monasteries.  Might do some workaway or volunteering too. Who knows? 

Get in touch if you want to meet!





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