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Norway - June 2019

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Norway - June 2019


I am planning my 2018 tour, cycling from Tromso in the North of Norway and then to the South, via the Lofoften Islands and visiting the Fjords. I have the whole of Summer free (June - Sept), so not too strict on time but would expect it to take 30-40 days. 

I'll be taking advantage of Norway's Freedom to Roam and so wild camping a lot, and also using campsites/warmshowers every so often.

I'm a 20 year old currently at university, this will be my third bike tour and so I have plenty of experience having already cycled solo through plenty of Europe. I'm just looking forward to having an amazing adventure!

Let me know if you're interested!


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Hello Jack,

That is the kind of trip I am planning to do this summer!
I don't know much about the places to see in Norway but what you offer seems good.

Normally I will be free for two months, July and August.





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Hi Jack,

Hi Jack,

I am planning a similar tour starting around mid May 2019 from Hannover/Germany to Hirtshals/Denmark with ferry crossing to Kristiansand/Norway, to Bergen, Trollstigen and the Atlantic Ocean Road, Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja, Tromsø, Nordkapp and Kirkenes, through Finnish and Swedish Lapland and Sweden to the Helsingborg/Helsingør ferry back to Denmark and Germany.

Tour details:

Of course, you have planned your tour in the opposite direction …


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Narvik / Lofoten


I will go to Narvik on 28th of June and will head to Lofoten then. For sure I will do some cycling tours there. Also some hiking or boat tours will be part of the trip. I'll probably leave again on 6th of July. Would be great to find companions. :)


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