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Off the Grid Across America - Cycling for Sustainability

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Off the Grid Across America - Cycling for Sustainability

Hello everyone!

I am currently cycling off "Off the Grid Across America" and raising awareness about sustainability.

A few highlights of what I am doing include:
-Using electricity generated purely by portable alternative energy devices.
-Creating near zero trash. Any created will be carried for the entire journey.
-Using water solely from natural sources like rivers, wells, and rain.
-Eating locally produced, organic, and minimally packaged foods or food that would have gone to waste.
-Composting all food waste.
-Shopping at businesses that are committed to creating a healthy planet.

I am currently in Denver and once I hit Milwaukee on June 14th I am inviting people to join me on this journey for sustainability.
My website has all the info you could desire about the trip including the route and schedule so you can know when I'll be coming through your area or if you want to join you know when.

I invite everyone to join on June 14th-15th as we pedal the Milwaukee to Chicago 100 miles for Sustainability. You can donate to the sustainable non-profits I am raising money for on my website too and create your own event to help raise funds.

Please follow the journey on Facebook at

Rob Greenfield