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Join me in the Pyreenes August

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Join me in the Pyreenes August

For my 50th birthday I'll ride the Pyrenees in August 2019, from Barcelona going west to San Sebastian on the Atlantic coast. I'll start on August 3-4 and will go at a not too fast pace - probably 20 - 60 km a day, with occasional days off riding.

I'll camp most nights, will stay in rooms here and there. The middle part of the ride will be similar to the one described here (in Spanish, thanks a lot Pau!):

I'm a woman from Israel, I speak passable Spanish and some Arabic in addition to Hebrew and English.

If you feel like joining part or all of this trip please contance me at

see you there



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What is your exact route?

What is your exact route? From Barcelona to San Sebastian directly along the south of the Pyrenees? I am also planning to be in the area but  it will certainly cover some parts of France ,especially a few etappes in the Pyrenees because of the Tour Of  France in July. My perception of touring is just like you: No matter how far I go a day but just to enjoy everything and every moment on the way and I also plan a low budget tour with wildcamping or so. I hope we can meet somewere on the road. You can write anytime for details. Good luck!

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Hello Murat, I know I want to ride from Barcelona to Andorra, but I didn't really plan how I'll continue west from there. I'll probably finish the ride in San Sebastian and take a bus / train from there back to Barcelona, I fly back from there. I'll arrive at Barcelona August 1st and fly out on the 29th.

How is your riding in August in the Pyrenees related to the tour de France in July?  I didn't understand that.

Anyway it will be lovely to ride together for a while, my family and friends are not too interested in biking, so far I couldn't find company for my ride though I'm sure I'll enjoy riding and hope to meet interesting people on the way. I'll probably stay mostly in campling sites and rooms, I have yet to see how safe it feels to wildcamp.

A question about your plans: will you carry a gas stove? I'm still undecided, I'll probably prefer eating in villages / cafes along the way, but I don't know if the villages are close enough to each other so I'll pass one or two every day.

I'm at +972-52-351-2851

happy riding


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Hi again,

Hi Dana,

When I see the title of your post as "July-August" I thought we come across somewhere on the route.Apparently you wont be there in July. As Le Tour is July, I will start my tour at the beginning of July from Geneva. After staying for a few days in Annecy, I will go East to St Etienne and then down to Pau and Tourmalet. After that I will take it easy, maybe to Barcelona and then follow the coastline and reach Marseilles. The part after Tourmalet will be flexible and fun chasing.

I have a Trangia 27 2 for cooking ad very happy with it. As my budget is limited I prefer wildcamping most,but in campsites or WS host sometimes for laundry   etc.

wish you good luck with your trip.

Hope we can come across somewhere at least to meet and for a cup of coffee.


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Hello Murat, I will try to go

Hello Murat, I will try to go through the mountains, and definitely want to pass via Andorra. The route isn't set exactly but I have the dates:

Fly into Barcelona August 1st

Head north from Barcelona probably August 3rd

Must be back in Barcelona for the flight back on the 29th

What happens in between depneds on how things go, I really want to get to the Atlantic coast.

see you (?)


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Join me in the Pyreenes July - August 2019

Hello Dana.

I'm sending you an e-mail.

José Ramón

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Hola José Ramón, I'm getting

Hola José Ramón, I'm getting ready for the trip, am going to get a new bike next week (Trek Xcaliber).



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Hola Dana,

Hola Dana,

That sounds good! It's the perfect bike for this kind of route. I'm glad to know that.

Take care.

José Ramón

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