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photo/bio of those requesting stay?

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photo/bio of those requesting stay?

When I try to find info/photo on those requesting a stay, it may say something on their account like "traveling, information unavailable"! Why? One of the things I liked about CSing (before I got mad and left) was one could check out someone before accepting/rejecting them. ALSO, is there a way to search and invite someone who might like to travel here if they only knew how NEAT it is!? I just joined and have had three requests already -- it took MONTHS on CSing, and seems still questionable on BeWelcome. CONGRATS!

WS Member Аватар пользователя @wsadmin@
The only information that is

The only information that is unavailable if a person is "not currently available" is their address and location information (and what they would offer as a host). Other than that everything is there - what they say about themselves, their phone number, and their feedback (and feedback they've given).

If there's not enough information on a guest's profile, you might consider not inviting them, or encouraging them to add more.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
re: no info/pix on personal site

Thanks. When this guy phoned I asked him about the lack of information. He said, "Oh, I guess I never got around to that."(!) Three 18yos, first xcountry trip, what can I say?!