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We have enjoyed our guests!

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We have enjoyed our guests!

We had our first Warm Showers guests this summer. Since our town (Juneau)is accessible only by ferry or plane, there are not a lot of cycle tourists coming through - and whenever we see someone on a loaded bike we want to meet them! Our guests have been interesting, fun, and always a pleasure to host. Our first guests, David and Christian, hailed from South Africa and Switzerland and were at the beginning of a five-year tour around the world. Paul and Naomi came from Scotland and England and were also at the beginning of a long trip, from Alaska to South America. We've had a lot of fun keeping up with all of them on their websites since they were here.

We were planning a cycling trip to Great Britain at the end of the summer, and there were added benefits of hosting other tourists that we never expected! Christian had toured through Great Britain previously and offered us his full set of Ordnance Survey maps, then asked his mother to mail them to us from Switzerland! We used them every day on our trip. Paul and Naomi gave us lots of tips on where to cycle, and an introduction to Paul's mom in Scotland. We had a great time visiting her on the west coast of Scotland, and she also allowed us to use an empty flat that she owns in Edinburgh, right under the castle!

We're hoping that more cyclists will contact us if they are even thinking of coming to Juneau!