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South to north of Japan tour. (mid July onwards)

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South to north of Japan tour. (mid July onwards)

Hi, my name's Stefan and I’m planning to cycle from the south to north of Japan from the middle of July 2018 onwards.


I’m reaching out on here looking for company along the way - I’ve been on numerous tours in the past, through Asia and Europe and can’t wait to explore Japan! I plan mainly sleep in my tent and find both Warmshowers and Couchsurfing accomodation along the way, but the occasional hostel or hotel might be nice too.


I am an easy going person and would be open to plans or suggestions to work out the best way we could see and do whatever we’d like. In terms of fitness I am an avid rider and on previous trips have cycled anywhere between 40-130 miles a day (usually I’d do about 60, but I'm easy). I’ve been saving for this trip for two years and so should have ample fund - I have only bought a one way ticket and I’m open to plans and suggestions about any aspects of the trip.


Who’s up for an adventure? Please do get in touch if you’d like to join or meet up and ride parts of Japan together. Look forward to hearing from you!



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