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Husband on tour having search trouble

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Husband on tour having search trouble

This is being written by my wife who is ay home. He/My husband is biking old route 66 (as much as he can) & tried to register for warmshowers before he left but had problems and i finally used my laptop to register him.

Now he is traveling and would like to find hosts to stay with but says every time he tries to search he says it essentially erases the search criteria he enters and acts like he hasnt entered anything yey and hes getting frustrated. He is using some kind of tablet, i think it is a samsung, and its only a few months old so it should be up to date. He says he is using his browser, chrome, to login to the website and try to search not an app. Is anyone else famiar with this issue? I am not super tech savy and hes not the saviest either so me trying to figure out from homethebphone phone whats wrong when the website is working on my cheapo lh smart phone and on my 7+ uear old laptop is kind of tricky! Thanks!

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