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Women Riding Self-Contained

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Women Riding Self-Contained

Hi...I'm an avid touring cyclist and leader for ACA starting informal instruction and tours of all types in NM and beyond. I live in Santa Fe and we'll have a workshop in April. We plan to ride the Santa Fe Century as an overnighter (May 18-19) to get warmed up for the season. I'm building a database of women for future tours in NM, around the country...and if there's enough interest, possibly an all-women's x-c on the Southern Tier fall of 2014. Get in touch and I'll send dates, details and my bio. Cheers, Nicole

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cycling across America

Have just come across this website and very much interested in cycling across America. When you mentioned the Southern Tier was that what you meant? I plan to do the trip in 2014. Please could you send me any information that would be of help. The trip at the moment seems very daunting so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ACA routes

Hello, Jude,

If you go to the Warmshowers home page you will see the map in the center of the page. Check to see that the map is showing the US. If it isn't, go ahead and move the map until the US is in frame.

Just outside the map frame, in the upper left corner, there is a check box labeled, "Load US Adventure Cycling Routes."

When you click that box you will see a set of colored lines appear on the map. The Southern Tier runs from Saint Augustine, Florida, in the east, to San Diego, California, in the west.

You may also want to look at the Adventure Cycling Association Website. They have lots of information and links to the routes and maps:

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Hi Jude...I'd love to help. There are 3 routes across the U.S. Northern Tier (WA-ME), TransAm (VA-OR) and the Southern Tier (CA-FL). I've been on all of them...and the Southern Tier 3x now. It's definitely my favorite. And it's best as a spring or fall choice, not summer. I'll send you my email and we can go from there. I'm happy to answer questions...and also post your request for traveling companions with our network of women across the country. More soon. Cheers, Nicole

P.S. Matt is right...look up Adventure Cycling and get the map set for the Southern Tier if that's what you decide. Their maps are invaluable. And you'll be able to use a good number of warmshowers no matter what route you picked. I've used them all of the country and had amazing experiences.

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Southern Tier 2014?

Hi Jude, I am fancies Southern Tier. Keep in the loop! Happy trails.. Queen

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Future Tours

Hi Nicole!

You can definitely keep me in the loop as far as all-women tours go. I would not be able to do the Southern Tier route this year, but that one or the Trans Am are definitely on my to do list!


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Women who tour

I don't know if this thread is still active but it looked interesting to me. I have been touring with full gear now for a few years and have organized a tour or two with others in Oregon. Ultimately, i plan on going cross country--probably TransAm--sometime in the future. I'm learning a lot each year as I organize and ride. Meeting other women who tour would be great so please add me to whatever lists you have going! thanks!

Terri Wortman

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