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Looking for info on how to manage the new mail system!!!

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Looking for info on how to manage the new mail system!!!

First I will apologize if this has already been mentioned, or if it is a result of me not using the website properly. I am on tour at the moment, so haven't had a thorough look through all the forums and FAQ, etc. I do think though that it is just the new system, and me having difficulty with it.
Basically I am having trouble keeping track of my new mail, since the messages are updated chronologically, and do not include info as to whether they have replies, or how many replies there are. I am finding it confusing. As I contact sometimes half a dozen people some that are in close proximity and others that I might want to visit a month or more down the line. Here in Brazil there are even several Rodrigo's on my list, and a couple of Roberto's for example. Anyways, if next to the members name it could include their photo, or location, or if the responses could be bracketed underneath my initial email, it would be easier to organize. I find myself toggling back and forth between the email, and the user profile, and then back to the emails, with a list of 12-15 messages it is awkward, and whenever someone responds the message moves. Either that or an option to put the messages in folders, or highlighted or something would be very useful.