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Oregon Timber Trail

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Oregon Timber Trail

I am very interested in bikepacking a portion of the Oregon Timber Trail next spring.  Probably solo as I don't know anyone else who has an interest in this type of trip.  In case you are not aware of this route here is the link.

I am working out my gear and bag selections and testing out kit for now.  My concern is mainly naviagtion.  Not sure if I trust my phone to work for gps plus I have battery life concerns.  I have no experience using Garmin but I believe I could use a compass and topo map to figure it out if I had to.  The trail has only been done by a few people as of right now so there is not a wealth of firsthand  information.  I can get off the freeway go to a gas station and then get back on headed the wrong way, apparently my dead reckoning is very poor.  What do I need to do to improve my navigation skills or what equipment can I use to help me?  I do not want to spend 500 on a fancy computer, I would rather have nicer wheels on my bike...

Is anyone here planning on tackling some or all of this next year?  Are you going solo?  How much are you doing?

Has anyone here who has tackled some technical offroad tours care to offer some advice.  I'm talking about tactics, mindset,  equipment or what not to do?








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