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USA Historic Rt 66 Traveling East to West

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USA Historic Rt 66 Traveling East to West


First time cycle tour. I left Peru, Illinois, and have currently traveled 500 miles of my 2200-mile trip. 

I am heading west (roughly) along US Rt 66. I am currently in Springfield, Missouri, and heading west towards Diego, California. I will be passing through Oklahoma, the tip of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. 

I am open to travel with anyone regardless of age, sex, or believe, but I am a non-judgemental Christian. 

I'm traveling at a slow to intermediate speed but will work with anyone. I have been camping at paid campsites but I want to start finding Warmshowers hosts, hostels, and some hotels to stay at.

I am taking my time to enjoy this trip, so I could be on the road for another 6 - 8 weeks. 

This is an amazing life experience and I would love to find people to share it with! Feel free to contact me! = )

- Sam Baratta 

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