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Bike New Zealand South Island with me in December!

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Bike New Zealand South Island with me in December!

I'm starting to plan a tour around the South Island, most likely starting from Christchurch and making my way down the West Coast. I'm not sure how I feel about going alone, so please let me know if you'd like to join for at least part of it! I'm also interested in doing some wwoofing along the way while I'm there, but willing to put this off until after the ride.

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You'll have a great time -- I

You'll have a great time -- I went To NZ with a cycling friend 27 years ago and had a fine time! We started at the airport in Auckland and went around the Bay of Plenty and then east to Gisborne on bikes, then trained down to the bottom of the North Island, over to the South Island, then biked over to the west coast of the South Island down along the Buller River and south down past the Franz Josef Glacier and up over the Haast Pass (desert-like compared to the sub-tropical rain forest along the west coast shoreline!) to Cromwell, down to Queenstown, then retraced our route back to Christchurch. Took the train back north, crossed to the North Island again, took train up to Tongariro National Pk (bad spelling?) and hiked around the volcanoes and hot springs, went to the large town that's the center of Maori heritage (forget the name), then took the train back to Auckland. We tented in people's back yards, in campgrounds, in fields (with permission), staying infrequently at hostels (mostly in the bigger cities). Along the way we stopped at a kiwifruit farm, heard some bell birds at daybreak in a campground on the North Island, saw some gold diggings, took a jet-boat ride, hiked up on the glacier for a bit, hiked other places, kayaked at a big National Park on the North Island (can't remember the name, but it had a glacially formed deep lake in the park), didn't do any bungie-jumping or white-water rafting (I regret the latter, not the former), and took tons of photographs. I took a small plane one morning from Queenstown over to Milford Sound and the boat ride around the fjord, then back to get airborne before the fog rolled in just after noon and forced us to stay overnight. Scenery from the air not to be missed! The people were great, and although we kept running into an AYH bike tour that was doing essentially the same route (not carrying any of their packs, like we were) and kept reminding us of what boors Americans can be, we generally enjoyed the people we met. We were both guys, so we didn't feel any safety issues, even when we separated at times to do different things.

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Thanks for the info, Dave!

Thanks for the info, Dave! I'll probably do many of these same things and take a similar route. I'll look out for those AYH bike tourists.

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New Zealand


I will cycle both islands in NZ in December and January, but will maybe drop into NZ only in the beginning of Dec (Auckland). If I cycle right down south within a week reach Wellington should be possible. But to cycle there in January would be more convenient for me...
Can you please drop me some lines about yourself, as there is not much information in your profile...; to be honest I usually like to ride by myself (because its hard to find people who have the same pace....) and in average 100-150, sometimes 200km a day, but it can be fun to ride with you some days/weeks. I suggest you to use couch surf and only registered members if you travel alone, as the only weak point of ws is that there isn't a possibility to registrar. As a man not that much a problem, for a girl of course I think that's different...
In any case I wish you a nice and save trip

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Hi Chris, I haven't toured

Hi Chris,
I haven't toured before so I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with your pace at least at first, but maybe we could meet up in January or February. I'll be cycling off an on until the end of February. Thanks for the couch surfing tip. I do have a profile on that site so I will use it too.

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Hi Laura and all! I am

Hi Laura and all!

I am planning on hopping on a plane with my bike - and New Zealand keeps on calling (even though flights are bonkers expensive at the moment!). Not booked anything yet..!

I was thinking to fly into Christchurch at the end of Jan, head down South and then start working my way Northwards - anyone thinking they may be in the area around then?

My plan would be fairly serendipidous, to visit some beautiful wild places, hopefully wild camp and also to wwoof along the way. Conscious it is getting a bit late in the season however - anyone experience cycle touring in the North Island in May / June?

Where are you now?


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New Zealand

Hello Chris,
why do you think, it's difficult or dangoures for woman who travel alone? ..... I want to go to nord- and south island in January and february. My plan is, to sleep with ws or in my tend somewhere. You think, this isn't safe?

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Riding home to Dunedin

Hiya Laura!
I will be riding the length of the South island as far as Dunedin in the weeks before christmas, possibly on the bike over the christmas period too, I'm coming back from an event in Auckland and would be keen to team up for a section or two if the timing worked!

I haven't really thought much about the route - completely open to suggestions, but will most likely be keen to avoid SH1, and also try to avoid gravel sections too (not so fun on a road bike). My thoughts had involved maybe a small West coast section, or perhaps trying to ride as directly down the middle as possible. South out of Nelson to Canterbury, then through Tekapo and the Lindis pass to central Otago, followed by Dunedin. The West coast is slightly less appealing, mainly because of the tendency to get stuck in a rainstorm with prevailing head winds most of the way - might be a better option to go 'up' that way instead?

Hit me up if you want to chat about some sort of collaboration, email is best - [email protected], otherwise I'm sure we will bump into each other on the road at some point anyhow!

Peace, Tod

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Hi Laura, I like to travel by

Hi Laura, I like to travel by bike around the island as well as you. But thought it was quite difficult to do alone. Maybe I can go with you but I have not the necessary training, I have not ridden a bike more than 5 km followed in my house. If you're patient I could join you. I have many questions. my facebook add me so we can talk [email protected]

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Hi all! So I will be coming

Hi all! So I will be coming into NZ on Feb 1st and leaving May 7th. I have no set plans and I'm interested in cycling for at least part of the trip - if not all. This would be my first tour, but I'm no stranger to strenuous days in the out-of-doors - this last year I spent 5 months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (from Mexico to Canada). I have a couple bikes, but they are not fully equipped for this type of journey. If I hear back from some interesting folks I may try to put together a bike in a flurry before leaving home. Otherwise I may just look for the setup once I'm in NZ.

I would like to start out by circuiting the South Island, then heading North as the weather changes. I am also interested in wwoofing and completing some of the Great Walks along the way. I will carry a camping stove and plan on cooking more than eating at restaurants. I plan on camping and couch-surfing more than staying in hostels/hotels. If this sounds like fun I would love to hear from you! You can either email [email protected] or call (US) 415.323.8934. Cheers!

I also created another forum with basically the same content as this reply

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