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Open source?

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Open source?

Hello, i want to ask if the code is open source.
If yes, can we hope to see it in the F-Droid, for the ones who don't have a google account.

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The code is open source [

The code is open source [ ], making it available through the f-droid repository has been requested in the past though I don't recall much enthusiasm. I would really like to see it happen also (as well as moving over to Open Street Maps from Google Maps).

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I don't see any reason NOT to

I don't see any reason NOT to be in F-Droid. I guess this doesn't need much work.
I've hosted cyclists who use the open cycle map, (based on OSM), so i'm sure there's more than 1 non-google enthusiasts. It's just that we don't check this forum :D

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I wouldn't have thought that

I wouldn't have thought that it would require too much effort, haven't looked into the process to submit to the repository myself and I have only a passing familiarity with Android SDK but I'd certainly be willing to volunteer to make it happen.

OSM just seem like a natural fit with WS, and it could open up a world of possibilities with cycle routes, and searching for hosts (or other riders) on those routes.

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I also use a Android phone

I also use a Android phone without Google services. I asked the same question some time ago. If I remember correctly, the app not only relies on Google maps but also on Googles push service. It won't work on a Google-free phone right now. Nevertheless I also think it would be a great plan to move to Openstreetmap instead of Google maps. That has always been the one thing which annoyed me about WS.

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Yes, please! If anyone around

Yes, please! If anyone around here, knows how to move the Warmshowers apk to F-Droid and free it from google play service, this would be wonderful!
I can't use the app because I have CyanogenMod installed and I don't want to use google play services!

Thank you!!!

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Paging ivory tower, paging ivory tower....

8 board members, >$50,000 in donations annually for an ED and lord knows what else yet an informed response from someone vaguely connected to WS not just here but on many other threads where members are seeking assistance or making suggestions is apparently too much of an ask.

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I am a volunteer and Board Member and review the forums daily. I also respond when necessary. I have responded numerous times on the location problem. This said, what you ask is being done. And despite the recent flaw in location placement, the organization has never been in better shape.

Ken Francis
WS Registrar and Board Member

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and yet you have still failed

...and yet you have still failed to respond to this post and numerous others requiring assistance or offering suggestions. Do I have to call WS out every time and then only to receive a PR non-response like this?

Thankfully there are members willing to help but there are numerous posts which require an official response from someone at WS which never receive one. Several years back, before member subscriptions, it was rare to see such posts go for more than a week without getting an official response, but now... well take scroll through 'help and support' and you'll find posts that have gone months if not years with nothing from anyone in the organisation.

Looking in from the outside, this certainly doesn't give the impression of an organisation with its finger on the pulse, invested in its mission and responsive to its members. One could be forgiven for thinking that WS has shut itself off from the very people who are bankrolling its operations.

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Couldn't we keep this thread a bit on the positive side? I'm one of the users of Warmshowers who uses a Google free Android phone, too. I'm unable to use the app an would really appreciate a OpenStreetMap based app that doesn't rely on Google services and is available through F-Droid.

But I think the negativity in this thread won't us get anywhere. How about we pledge to make a donation for the implementation of a Google-free app? It there are enough people willing to pay it might happen faster.

I'll make a start and say I'm willing to donate 200 Euros if an app is released which

* Uses OpenStreetmap data instead of Google maps
* Works without relying on Google services
* Is available on F-Droid.

Who else would be willing to chip in?

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I agree about keeping the forums on more of a positive note.
As far as the apps are concerned, there are currently three apps and they have all been designed by volunteers. These apps will be going away when the new website is launched later this summer. The new website is going to be responsive, meaning that when you login from your phone it will appear as an app. We are hoping that several of the current website and app problems will go away with the new site. Everybody, please hang in there until the end of the summer!

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Yes, 'negativity' on these

Yes, 'negativity' on these forums has been code for any criticism of the WS organisation since Randy and other board members bullied their way through the debates on donations and subscriptions - nothing more than a convenient ploy to shut down opposing views, so forgive me if I take that with a grain of salt. I guess we should now probably look back on those days with some sense of wistful nostalgia, at least our concerns were responded to albeit with deflection and ad hominem. Since that model has been implemented we've seen numerous chops and changes at the top of the organisation going unreported (not an oversight but policy as reported to me by one board chair), no news about elections or new board candidates/members, scant info on board meetings and a revolving door of disgruntled volunteers reporting the same environment of bullying and intransigence.

It took 'negativity' for this post to receive the reply it should have received nearly 4 months ago when it appeared (well half a reply, I still haven't seen a response regarding shifting to OSM). So no, I will continue to question and criticise where I see fit, calling it negativity isn't going to stop me. The organisation can choose to follow its current policy of not deigning to give its members the time of day, revive the experiment in censorship that was embarked upon during the debates on donations or, alternatively, respond to questions and criticism in good faith and return to being the accountable, responsive and transparent organisation it once was.

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My last response was quick. I'm actually on a tour of myself and typed that between stops.

I just wanted to say thank you for your kind gesture about the donation! That was very kind of you to say.


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