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Netherlands (Rotterdam) to Sweden (Gothenburg or Stockholm) March/April 2017

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Netherlands (Rotterdam) to Sweden (Gothenburg or Stockholm) March/April 2017


I'm planning on cycling from near Rotterdam (Delft actually) to Gothernburg (but could be convinced to ride to Stockholm). The route will minimize ferry usage and will have some off-road sections I think. Here's a tentative plan:
I'll ride either the second to last, or last, week of March with tentative dates being 29 - 25. Lodgings will either be stealth/wild camping or warmshowers.

Normally I do 200+ km/day while touring with 300 being considered a "long" day. Although that might be a bit much when riding off-road but I guess I'll find out.

Companion should ideally be:
- I'm male, 29, you should be whatever age and whatever gender
- okay with me being an omnivore
- "touring fast" (28 kph ish?)
- willing to stop and take pictures to post on Instagram