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Horse Farm stay in Central or South America?

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Horse Farm stay in Central or South America?

Hi everybody,

I started cycling 6 month ago in Canada and I´m currently cycling on Yucatan. And Im thinking of pausing for some weeks somewhere in Central or the northern part of South America to do some farm work.
I always wanted to learn horse riding and I´m thinking if that would be possible during a farm stay? Like a help exchange? Working for some hours per day on a farm and getting horse riding lessons for free (maybe plus accomodation and/or food for more hours helping or whatever).

So do you know anybody who could be interested in that? :-)

I´m a hard worker and already volunteered 5 years ago in Bolivia working in a wildlife rescue organisation. I also worked on a farm 9 years ago in New Zealand. Im happy with nearly every kind of work. Could also be cleaning :)

I know that there are some websites for that, but I dont like paying 30 or more Dollars.