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NOW - from Paris to Valencia

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NOW - from Paris to Valencia

Hi everyone!
Tommy, 22, being around for more than two months now.
It's the first time I write on WarmShower forum, really hope to find someone to cycle with, after this time alone!

I'm in Paris at the moment, thinking about leaving in few days (maybe?).
The plan would be to go to Orleans, then to follow the Oise to Nantes. After that, to head south following the french west coast.
After Bordeaux, thinking about passing through Toulouse in order to get to the Pyrenees on the Mediterranean coast. Though I wouldn't mind taking the other way around, heading to Bilbao/Pamplona first. I'm planning to head to Valencia in order to stop there for some time (a week or two?). The next planned stop after Valencia is Granada, but nothing is clear yet!

I can wildcamp but I will look for hospitality on WS or Couchsurfing since I've only met wonderful people (and the summer is over!).
I can cycle up to 120km a day but I don't mind doing 50 to better enjoy the places I visit.
I'm an easygoing person, extremely flexible and adaptive, let me know if you are/will be around!
Anyways, let me know if you have any advice, as you can see I really don't know what is the best way to follow!

Hope to see you soon, cheers :)

p.s: you can more easily contact me at the 004915213718197