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cycling the world looking for occasional company

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cycling the world looking for occasional company

I'm currently on a 'solo' round the world tour for the next 2 years.

Following the Danube down to Turkey before heading due East through Georgia and Azerbaijan, crossing the Caspian Sea in to the other 'Stans', hopefully doing the Pamir Highway and then up into Mongolia. After crossing the Gobi desert into China I'll head South into Vietnam, hopping across through Laos into Northern Thailand and follow the coast to Malaysia. After negotiating my way to Darwin I hope to cross Central Auz to Adelaide and then travel up the East coast to Melbourne. Finally I'll travel from L.A. up the West coast into Canada and follow the boarder to New York, before heading home via Northern Spain and France

I'd be delighted if anyone would like to join me at any point, my days have varied wildly between 150km and 40km, and between 5 straight days of 100+km to weeks off in cities.

You can check out my site as well at