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Eurovelo 8, September/October 2016

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Eurovelo 8, September/October 2016

Hey everyone,

I'm planning to start cycling from Munich to Croatia from beginning in September. The first part will be from Munich to Venice, then I'll go down the coast on the italian side and take a ferry from Ancona to Split.. the idea is to spend a week in Croatia (partying ;).. holiday!) then start doing the Eurovelo 8 backwards from mid september.

Eurovelo8 : No fixed plan yet but i'll probably cycle around mid September from somewhere south in Croatia and just follow the coast as described in the official route (check the link). I've never been to most of these countries before so I intent to take a moment and enjoy the destinations along the route, however, I try to cover a reasonable distance per day (100 km average). I use a mountain bike.

I'm a very easy going person, and play it by ear when it comes to traveling. will aim for free accommodation the whole trip : warmshowers, couchsurfing, camping.

Meeting people along the way is always fun ! full/part-time companions, backpackers, locals are welcome to get in touch and share the experience :)