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Sweden in July 2016

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Sweden in July 2016

my plan is to visit Sweden this summer. Who would like to join in (2nd of July until 23th of July - or only the first two weeks?)
I'm travelling with a KTM Trekking bike, with a tent and also a camping cooker. It's my first time in Sweden, but I know some Sweden people, who are living there. I prefer the simple bike holidays (sleeping in a tent). My normal bikeride: Pop up your tent, where you are around 6 in the evening, follow your sense, how you like, cooking, hopefully a good breakfast in the morning, feeling the wispering of the nature and stay some time, a little break at lunch, start again before you become cold, 70-120km a day, have only a rough idea, where you will go on that day, snacking nuts,banana,carrots,apple on the bike, visit something on your trip.
In Sweden I will visit some alternative villages, stuff etc,
By the way, I am 28 years ans I made some long biketrips in Denmark before.
Looking for your answer

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sweden in july 2016

I'm very interested to join you, I was looking for doing a long biketrip in july too!
Where do you plan to start ?
I am a 22 years old french student, first long biketrip but I started training. I have a bike and will soon get the necessary equipment (tent, etc....).

Charles Cordiez

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I would gladly tag along for

I would gladly tag along for a few days if I'm able, but that'll probably only mean a long weekend at most near stockholm, so dont make any hard plans around it.

I know pretty good routes for 3 days north of stockholm and 2 days south of.

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