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London to Singapore - Beginning May 12th

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London to Singapore - Beginning May 12th

I'm gonna be cycling from London through Belgium, Holland, Germany Czech Rep, Austria, Italy (with a short break here) then on through the Balkans to Greece, Turkey, Iran, probably head through the 'Stans', Western China, Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Malaysia and then Singapore.

I start May 12th first stop Brussels if anybody is heading in that general direction or to any of those countries and want some company or to keep me company please get in touch.

I'm a 33 year UX designer and Capoeira enthusiast - I'll be attempting to visit capoeira groups and people wherever I go so if your into martial arts, yoga and capoeira I'll be trying to sustain a little fitness routine on the way. I plan on camping a lot but also staying with hosts where I can.

I'm pretty easy going but for the first part of the tour I'll be trying to make it to Italy by mid June to make it to a capoeira event in the Tuscan hills where I'll stay a few weeks before heading off again.

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greetings from northern Iran :)

Hi Jamie,

interesting! I can accompany you in northern Iran for a few days.

You're always welcome at my home, should you visit Iran ;)

You can also join our Facebook group under the name Warmshowers Iran.

looking forward to seeing you!

Farid volunteer and translator

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Great plan!

Hi Jamie,
crossing Czech Republic (Czechia), you can visit city of Hradec Králové, where is a Vamá capoeira club (trainings: Tuesday and Thursday evenings) - I can arrange a contact.



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