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Netherlands to (maybe) Hungary, riding now until mid-May

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Netherlands to (maybe) Hungary, riding now until mid-May

I'm currently in Delft, having cycled down from Aberdeen and taken the ferry to the Netherlands last night. More about the tour so far here:

The plan is to go through Belgium, follow the Rhine for a way, perhaps through Switzerland, maybe cross the Austrian alps, and if i'm still going, head up towards Budapest. I'd love to get to the Black Sea, but that might be over-optimistic for six weeks. I'm doing a reasonable pace, taking in the culture and visiting cities and landmarks, rather than racing to keep the miles ticking by. Staying in hostels, in the tent, and hopefully with some WS hosts along the way. It may have come across already that i'm living day to day with a broad-scale plan but no idea where i'll be sleeping tomorrow night.

This is a solo endeavour so far, however if anyone would like to join me for some parts of this journey, I love to meet new people and it would be great to have some company on the road.

(If it's important to anyone, i'm a 24yo British omnivorous guy, friendly to any age, gender, sex, sexuality, etc., but i'm a laid back type and prefer a low-stress lifestyle where possible.)