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Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia | starting from Poland

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Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia | starting from Poland

I'm going to star on the ninth of april 2016. I'll be in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. I'm starting from Poland. Estimate road in attached image. It's about 1000 km and it'll be about 2 weeks trip.
Low cost trip, mostly camping.
I haven't much experience - I've been only once on 4-days trip in Poland with my mates.
I can make huge concessions in itinerary and small concessions in starting date.
My name is Piotr and I'm 25.

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Do I read the map correctly

Do I read the map correctly and you are going south from Lviv on the M-06/ E60? I would strongly recommend against that. It is a major international road and there are many trucks. It will be unpleasant and even dangerous.

Personally, as someone who has traveled all over Western Ukraine on dozens of occasions over the years, I would recommend avoiding Lviv. Instead, turn south at Mostis’ka just after the Polish border. Go a few kilometres on to Sambir, and then follow the H-10 all the way to Uzhgorod. That is a very peaceful and low-traffic road, and it has some beautiful mountain scenery. From Uzhgorod, you can continue on a very flat and comfortable road, with some interesting towns and villages (a colourful ethnic mix of Ukrainians, Hungarians and Romanians) to the Romanian border crossing at Solotvyno/Sighetu Marmatiei. As you probably already know Sighetu Marmatiei is the only border crossing where cyclists are allowed to cross.

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Thanks Christopher!

Thanks for this information. They're very useful for me.
Between Sambir and Uzhgorod is H13 road, not H10 right? What about Lviv, aren't there any interesing things to see? Hm. Perhaps I can go to Lviv by blablacar or something like that and then go by bicycle, like you said, to Sambor.

On that map I've only marked the main idea of trip, not the exact road and places.

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Yes, sorry, the road I

Yes, sorry, the road I recommended is the H-13.

Lviv is a great city (and a place to enjoy old Central European restaurants and café culture for very cheap now with the low value of the hryvnia). However, if you go to Lviv, don't leave from it on the main road south, like I said earlier. Either take the road from Lviv southwest to Sambir and Uzhgorod, or take the Lviv-Bibrka-Rogatin-Ivano-Frankivsk road, because they have much less traffic.

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