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Pedalgogy- Bike Touring Teachers

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Pedalgogy- Bike Touring Teachers

Fellow teachers-

I am looking to get an idea of how many teachers there are who like to tour over our summer or winter holidays.

My girlfriend and I have been touring for many years, and we were wondering what kind of teacher touring community there might be out there.

There could be many opportunities to collaborate with tour planning and advice, places to stay etc...
Perhaps even home switching or cycling companions.

I know how fortunate we are to have nice long holidays, but it's also good to get the very most out of them.
Our jobs are hectic, so if through communicating with each other we can make better use of time, then that has to be good.

Please contact us via our website;, to let us know that you are out there.
Niamh and I sincerely hope to hear and learn from you.

Thanks, Matthew