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Benin-Morocco,Iran(Turkey)-China in september 2016

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Benin-Morocco,Iran(Turkey)-China in september 2016

Hi everyone,
I am a Chinese biker,working in Benin currently.I plan to start my voyage in the mid September,probably passing through Togo/Burkina/Mali/Mauritania/West Sahara and Morocco.After that,i would take the flight to Turkey or Iran,then continue my journey.There are two routes for me after that,one is passing mid Asia,another one is riding through Southeast Asia,and finnaly arrive in China.Would anyone be interested or companion cycle part of it together?I could speak Chinese/English,and a little bit French.

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greetings from northern Iran

hi man,

I can accompany you here in Iran. let me know when you arrive
I live in northern Iran. I'm translator and we've got an online group of potential hosts.


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