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2015 translation report

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2015 translation report

With some delay, here is the report on translations of Warmshowers in 2015.

First of all, last year has been a successful year for making Warmshowers even more accessible to users worldwide by adding new translations. Warmshowers is now available in 15 languages and Warmshowers is still looking for more volunteers who are willing to translate the website to their language! Current user language statistics are available here.

Here is a list of the existent translations and the responsible translators (taken from our wiki page):

Several translators have left us since last year, and new translators have taken on their task. I would like to thank all of the translators for their incredible work done in 2015.

Main challenges this year were, as last year, the quality assurance of translations. In particular, it is challenging to verify that all translators are following up on the tasks they receive, or even that they remain responsive in general. More work is to be done by sending regular reminders for translators in order to ensure that they follow up on the translation. A few translators are highly responsive to mail, whilst others reply hardly ever.

  • A possible solution to resolve this problem would be to have second, substitute translators who replace translators in case they become inactive. A step in this direction has already been made by creating a list of potential volunteers for existing translations.
  • Another way to improve translations would be to recruit translation verifiers, for which the procedure already exists. This would allow to ensure that existing translations are of good quality, in terms of grammar, orthography and wording.

In addition, further work could be done to recruit translators and motivate them, in particular with respect to the "reward" of translations. For instance, Warmshowers could create a newsletter about users in different languages.

Any suggestions on how to improve the translations as well as volunteering requests are highly welcome!

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Farsi Translator

Thanks dear Cyril,

I really appreciate your management in translation team :)

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