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Pamir Highway 2016 June Departure

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Pamir Highway 2016 June Departure

Hey All,
Im a newbie here. I'll be doing the Pamir Highway in June / July this year, leaving Dushanbe around June 11 / 12 to Khurog and Whakan Valley then up to Osh, then a few weeks doing the tourist thing in Samarkand and Bukhara.
I havent fully figured out how long I want to take, but I am expecting about 30 days.

Im thinking between 50-70 maybe up to 100 km /day depending how we go.

I see Andrew has started started a thread, so a nod to you, but unfortunately for work I have to leave in June.


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Hi Aleksandr, I did the Pamir highway in September last year including the Wahkan Valley. 100km is really very ambitious. The north route to Kharog, exiting the Wahkan Valley and road from Murghab to Say task just over the border in Kyrgyzstan are absolutely brutal. Stunning stunning scenery but really bad road conditions! Tagging on Uzbekistan I think you should give yourself 45 days to do it comfortably.
Also allow time to stay at the host Vero Geoffrey in Dushanbe. You're guaranteed to meet a tonne of other tourers doing the same thing there.
Have fun and good luck :-)

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Pamir from Osh to dushanbe in May/june 2016

Hi Alexs !

I will do the Pamir highway starting mid May 2016 from Osh, so its the other direction.
Anyway I will shure meetyou on the road as you go the other direction - looking forward to have a chat on the roadside and exchange info!



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