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Riding from Austin, TX to Brazil

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Riding from Austin, TX to Brazil

Hello fellow crazy cyclists!

My name is Jahnavi and after riding across the U.S. (Vermont to Texas) a few years ago, I have been obsessed with idea of biking to Brazil.

I am planning on riding South from Austin and crossing into Mexico at the Laredo crossing.

I will leave on or after the 15th of December.

If you are anywhere near Texas or Monterray and want to ride south with me, let me know!



P.S. I am willing to get up early in the morning and ride hard all day, but I am also doing this trip for the experience of the journey, and will stop in places that I am called to stop, or take detours depending on the way things unfold. I will plan the trip to the best of my ability, but will be open to the agenda changing. I AM attached to spending a fair amount of time biking in Brazil, rather than biking through Argentina, etc. Also interested in taking a boat on the Amazon in some fashion or other.

I will be bringing my trusty mandolin, so expect to hear me noodling away on it at night. Also, I work online (I'm a writer), so I will have to stop a couple of times during the week to work I'm guessing.

I look forward to meeting you!

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In TJ right now

When do you start?

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flying to L.A. on Dec. 4th

Hi Roberto, I am still preparing for the trip, and am about to buy a flight to Los Angeles for Dec 4th or 5th. I could be ready to ride South as early as Dec. 8th, depending on what your plans are.

My number is 512 202 2511 if you want to give me a call...

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Central America

Hi there Jahnavi! I hope all the preparation is going well. I am currently looking into a Belize to Panama ride this winter and would like to possibly meet up on the road. Do you have any planed routes through the area and how many miles per day are you thinking?

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info for Nathan

Hey Nathan! I will start riding South around Dec. 12th, and am guessing I could be in Panama as early as the end of January, or as late as March. I can definitely keep you in the loop and let you know as I get closer. Also you can check my blog periodically to see where I'm at throughout the upcoming months:

I can also let you know what route I've chosen as I get closer. Right now I'm mostly focused on the routes through Baja and the West Coast of Mexico.

As far as miles per day, I'll let you know that later as well, once I find my rhythm. :-)

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Riding South

Jahnavi, glad to hear of your trip. I will also be heading down the Baja soon. In the next couple days Ill be in Flagstaff AZ headed towards SoCal. Maybe we can meet up. I'm carrying a ukulele as well ha! Follow me at Or at you can text or call too 4024508989


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Hey all, I am looking to cycle Baja starting Dec 1st (as my US visa expires). I'm pretty flexible with dates though and I'm happy to wait for people as it would be great to share the experience. Let me know when you will all be in Baja?

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for Hattie

Hi Hattie,

So nice to hear from you! I (Jahnavi) will be riding solo (and meeting up with cyclists along the way such as yourself). I am flying into Los Angeles on Dec. 9th and can leave on the 16th or sooner if necessary. I would love to ride with you! My phone number is 512 202 2511. Let me know if my dates will work with yours. :)

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your ride

Hey Jahnavi,
What type of music on your mando? When u get to Brazil you may want to play some choro and some Jacod De Bandolim probably already know that.
Two of us will arrive Cancun Jan.4 and meander Belize, Guatemala, Chiapas Mexico, Guatemala, etc. to Nicaragua. Maybe we'll see you on the road.
best Regards,
Dave Renfrow you also probably know the new highway from Mexicali south along the Sea of Cortez is complete. Its very nice, not much traffic, unlike the other side.


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for Dave

Hi Dave! This is great, glad to hear we could possibly meet up in January. My phone number is 512 202 2511 -- let's stay in touch and you can check my blog: to see how my travels are progressing! Oh and I did not know about the new highway, thanks for the info!

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I'm riding around Baja and looking for companions

I'm planning on riding at slow pace around Baja, anti-clockwise and am looking for companions. Here is a short description of my ride:
Adventure of a lifetime?  For me, out and back from Fort Bragg, CA. For you ?  We'll circumnavigate the  Baja Peninsula. On paved roads mostly.  Depart Fort Bragg 11/12/15 and return 3/21/16. Cross border southbound 12/10/15 & northbound 2/23/16. Per week: 41 miles/day for 5 days, 2 days R&R. 1,620 miles in US, About 2,200 miles in Baja.  In U.S. ACA Pacific Coast route.  I will be camping most every night. Me: Male, 59, retired, bike touring, walking, reading. I've spent much time in Baja. This is my first Baja trip on a bicycle.  Hoping to fast track a group.
This is a self supported group ride. This is a mostly camping trip.
Facebook Page:
Google Groups:!aboutgroup/ride-around-baja
Charles Chandler at Facebook:

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Sorry , I have decided to do a different ride

I've had a change of plans and I'm not riding around Baja.

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did you make it here? [=

Yo, did you make it to Brazil?

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