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Host complaints about Short Notice Guest

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Host complaints about Short Notice Guest

I joined as a host on Warm Showers because there is NO campsites between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. Since my host site is a seperate building in town it is a perfect place for guest to get a safe place and PRIVACY. I have guest contact me on the day they are arriving or the day before. It is not a problem for me since I was a touring cyclist and understand that weather, routes, traffic, etc. will always change your timeline. I read some comments on advance notice or not showing up at all. I must admit that if you plan to host you must accept that plans change. I have a complete set of Park bike tools, workstand, truing, stand, tensionometers, spoke threading toool, lots of spare parts for their use. Since i don't hang out with the guest I have trust that they will use what is needed and put it back in the order they found it.
Those guest who need help if I am available I am happy to help when possible. If you are going to be a host please consider these guest are tired, and have things to do to prepare for the next days journey. Just enjoy knowing that you were able to help them complete an adventure that they should cherish the rest of their life.
A safe place to rest your head is all that is really needed. Everything else you provide is icing on the cake.

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I agree

Thanks for sharing this post, you have said it the right way.

Karin and Marten

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