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Central Asia in From the end of August

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Central Asia in From the end of August

Hello Everyone

I am planing to cycle Central Asia. Starting in eastern Kazakhstan before heading across Kyrgyzstan to northern Tajikistan. The next destination will be Uzbekistan then Turkmenistan to Iran. I am going to be getting visas along the way, the ones I will need are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, to get the Turkmenistan visa I will need an Iranian visa and for that I may need a Turkish visa. So I will be in the Kyrgyzstan capital for a while sorting out transit visas. I am in Xi'an, China at the moment and after I get my visa extend will head for Kazakhstan. I have a tent and sleeping bag, will be buying water and food along the way. I enter Kazakhstan around the 26th of August and will aim to cycle 100km a day or more if the visa needs it. So join me for a bit, the whole way or even here in China. I will head for the UK after this not sue what way I will get there yet via Poland or Italy.

Hamish out