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We're gonna go to Iran... help us.. :)

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We're gonna go to Iran... help us.. :)

We are going to travel from Turkey to İran at the end of this month.
we need to know if it is possible to stay in a hotel without marriage.
me and my boy-friend will visit Tebriz, tahran, esfahan, siraz, yezd.

we don't know any government rules in İran. But I will use a scarf around my head and be careful with the clothing.

we have our scooter (motorbike) yamaha delight, and or tent for camping. we need to know any campsite in those cities if there is any or we use parks. But we are worried about the police if it is illegal to stay in a tent at the public park.

last year, we come back to Turkey with our bicycles from Amsterdam.
this year the roads will be a little fast for us with our small motorbike.


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Travel to Iran

I'm going to start my trip in August, lots of people registered on my website you can register too, but I just start my trip in a team of 2 to 4 member. and I will select maximum 3 people who registered on my website.

Feel free If you have any question about Iran and places to visit

You can register here:

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Travel to Iran

August seems pretty warm. Be prepared.

Think so you won't have problems as an unmarried couple.

Unfortunately will be at mid/end of August in Istanbul. So I'll be too late for you.

Wish you a great trip.

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Hi Folks, I was in Iran last

Hi Folks,

I was in Iran last year. There should be no problem regarding marriage - I met many unmarried couples travelling together. I'm not sure if most told a white lie at hotels or not, but I guess there is no need.

Iranians like to camp and many of the cities have official (and free) public camp grounds. Ask around and you will find what you need. Wild camping in the countryside is also straightforward. The heat might be more of a problem, but coming from Turkey I'm sure you are well able for that. If you have time, you could move your route a little to the west and enjoy the more mountainous (and cooler) terrain.