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Bicycle and touristic accessories+50%of the price+Bogota

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Bicycle and touristic accessories+50%of the price+Bogota


I have a many bike and touristic accessories for sell for 50% of the price due to unexpected expenses. All is available to see in Bogota:

I will also consider swap them on a netbook/laptop or smartphone.

2)Bike speedometer KLS , 15 functions with thermometer, water resistant. Price-15 euro. Price in the shop-30 euro

3)Kodak solar charger, charging every USB device and nas compartment for charging 2 AA batteries. Price-20 euro (price in the shop-45 euro)

4)Two new gas cartridges 230 gr each. Price-15 euro/each (price in the shop-25 euro each)

5)Paralyzator with inbuild torch, 2000 vates. Price-15 euro (price in the shop-25 euro)

6) Camera Sony DSC-HX9V + 16mpx + FULL HD + 32 Zoom + 3D + GPS + super vivid colours + case. Price-125 euro (price in the shop 190 euros)

7) Camera Fuji FZ-6-classic model- € 30

8) Touristic stove on alcohol-15 euro (price in the shop-30 euro)

9) Touristic stove on petrol Coleman Feather 442. Price:60 euro (price in the shop-110 euro)

10) Cycling glasses. Price: 10 euro. Price in the shop-25 euro

11) Bike helmet Kellys Dart, 220 gram, super light. Price € 35. Price in the shop-75 Euro

12) Phone Nokia 6310i + two batteries-65

13) Waterproof case for cameras allowing for making pictures under water. Price-25 euro. Price in the shop-40 euro

14) Front bag on handlebars Sport Arsenal, waterproof with extra cover. Price-30 euro. Price in the shop-55 euro

15) 2x waterproof german panniers MSX, quality similar to Ortlieb. Price for two-110 euro. Price in the shop-190 euro

16) Front light Sigma Eloy, waterproof, long lasting battery life. Price-15 euro. Price in the shop-30 euro.

17) Super light sleeping bag 300 gr. Price-25 euros. Price in the shop-65 euro

18) Rear lamp Author, waterproof. Price-10 euro.Price in the shop-18 euro

19)SPD shoes Specialized Comp 3/ 4, limited edition, size 46. Price 15 euro. Price in the shop-120 euro

20)Sleeping mattress with thermo layer cover-7 euro. Price in the shop-15 euro

21)Totally waterproof 2-people tent Quenchua 2.4 kg, 200cm x 120 cm-25 euro. Cost in the shop-65 euro

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Still for sale in Bogots

Still for sale in Bogots

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