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WS Member Аватар пользователя robl

Is it possible that the London boroughs could be listed as

"London Borough of..."

as there are 32 London Boroughs (plus City of London) this would help people who are searching for
a place in London that do not necessarily know to search for Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Southwark etc.
in the "List Members on One Page" link.

So, instead of "Tower Hamlets" listing it as "London borough of Tower Hamlets" etc would mean they all appear
together in the list.



WS Member Аватар пользователя @wsadmin@
Thanks for the information

Hi Rob - Thanks for the help with this.

Wouldn't that make the overall list of provinces in the UK too big, if we did it at that level?

I'm all for correctness, but want o both keep the site easy to maintain and easy to use.